Serving on Committees

This morning, I got my first committee appointment for the coming ALA (American Library Association) year (starting June 30). I was happy to get it, as I’ve been thinking more about ALA committee involvement after graduate school, and that committee was one of my top choices. Things continue to feel and look different in this first post-graduate-school semester. I’m thinking more about how I spend my time (at and away from work), as well as how I spend my professional development dollars. No more student rates, which I really enjoyed for ALA and NCLA membership and conference attendance during grad school. The student rates were great, in large part because I was able to explore different ALA divisions pretty inexpensively. Now I’m feeling a little more focused, particularly as I think about my budget! (My employer doesn’t pick up the cost of ALA and NCLA membership.) Yes, I still want to explore, but not necessarily all at one time!

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about other committee opportunities at the NCLA and university/library level.  I need to find out more about what’s out there!


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