ALA Left Behind

There’s a popular hashtag on Twitter, #alaleftbehind, for librarians who aren’t attending ALA Midwinter or Annual. Since the ALA Midwinter Meeting is gearing up, there are a lot of Tweets about the conference, and #alaleftbehind is getting its fair share, as well.

While I’ve attended the last two ALA Midwinter Meetings, I’m staying home (and going to work) this time. I miss going, but I’ve got plenty on my plate near home base. So, I’m enjoying following fellow librarians on Facebook and Twitter, while I have other things going on.

For instance, tomorrow is the third Meetup of the still-in-infancy Triangle Librarians Meetup! We’re going on a tour of the James B. Hunt Library at NC State University. It’s a fairly new library, and is loaded with technology.

One of the fun things I have going on at work is the Get Moving Challenge, sponsored by the employee health office at my work, which starts Monday. It’s a 10-week challenge where employees can track progress in pedometer steps, exercise minutes, and weight loss. Individuals can join teams of up to 11 that compete in any or all three areas. I’m the team captain for this year’s “Bookworms” team of 11 library staff!  Go Bookworms!


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