Reading Goals

I’ve been thinking lately about my reading goals, and how they factor into my life. Since I work with books all day (but don’t get to read them at work, of course!), sometimes I like a break from books when I get home. I do love to read, though, and want to be a more well-read person. My bookshelves at home are brimming with books I haven’t read yet (along with a few favorites I’ve read and haven’t been able to part with), and my Kindle has quite a few eBooks still waiting to be read.

Late last year, I decided to try to finish at least one book a week. I’ve managed to keep up with a book a week since the week of November 1, and the streak now stands at 21 weeks! Listening to audiobooks has helped, especially since I’ve had two driving trips to Alabama since starting this goal. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep the streak alive, but I’m hoping I can do it for a full year, at least.

What are your reading goals? (And how do you keep up with the books you’ve read?)