Disaster Relief for Libraries


Hurricane Fran

In light of recent hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, and Maria) and the earthquake in Mexico, I’ve been wondering about the community libraries in the affected areas. While libraries are often places for information and resources, I can’t help but think that so many of the libraries in Houston (Texas), Florida, and the Caribbean have suffered damage, and their staff members are taking care of their own needs. as well. (Poignantly, here’s an article from Library Journal about how Puerto Rico libraries reached out to Florida libraries after Hurricane Irma.)

In looking for ways to help libraries affected by natural disasters, I came across a link to the ALA Disaster Relief Fund, with additional links for support of Florida and Texas libraries here.

Please leave a note in the comments if you know of other ways to help!


Redecorating My Workspace

I’ve been thinking about how to spruce up both my work cubicle and my home office. I’d like for my work space to be an organized and inviting place, and my home office to be my sanctuary–well organized, more personal, more plants, more mementos. I’m striving to be more organized overall, and enjoyed a trip to the local Container Store before I started my new position in January.

In searching the internet, I came across the article, “7 Ways to Make Your Office a Sanctuary.” There are some good overarching ideas there. Pinterest has some good ideas, too, like this.

Progress will probably be slow, as worklife is busy, and I’m usually ready to head for home at the end of the day. Inspiration always helps, though. Ideas are welcome!