Redecorating My Workspace

I’ve been thinking about how to spruce up both my work cubicle and my home office. I’d like for my work space to be an organized and inviting place, and my home office to be my sanctuary–well organized, more personal, more plants, more mementos. I’m striving to be more organized overall, and enjoyed a trip to the local Container Store before I started my new position in January.

In searching the internet, I came across the article, “7 Ways to Make Your Office a Sanctuary.” There are some good overarching ideas there. Pinterest has some good ideas, too, like this.

Progress will probably be slow, as worklife is busy, and I’m usually ready to head for home at the end of the day. Inspiration always helps, though. Ideas are welcome!


Creating a Place Where Retirees Visit

k7534860We had a retirement lunch today for a colleague who’s retiring soon after 45 years of service. 45 years with one employer is just amazing. Something else amazing is that quite a few retirees came back for the luncheon. It was great to see them, and to have the chance to catch up a little bit. It has me thinking about how a workplace becomes a place where retirees enjoy coming back to visit.I don’t think every workplace is like that.

I think part if is the sense of community that has been created at work. Another factor is that a lot of our retirees stay local after retirement.

What do you think?


Library Obsessions

I read a blog post on Hack Library School this morning that asked the question, “What’s your library obsession?” It’s a great question, and one I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve recently switched positions within Tech Services at my current employer, so I’ve been busy learning new things on the job, which is great! I’ve been thinking about other areas of librarianship to explore outside my job, as professional and personal development. I’d been working to expand my knowledge of ebooks, since they were a growing part of my last position, but with the new position (and our Tech Services reorganization), ebooks have shifted away from my job.

So what’s next? I’ve been thinking about learning more about data science as it relates to libraries, but there’s a pretty big (but not impossible) learning curve there. I’ve also been working on my foreign language skills on Duolingo. Still, I’ve been keeping my eyes open to other ideas and opportunities.

What is YOUR library obsession?


New Work Computer

computerI got a new work computer yesterday, because my old computer had been fussy and slow for a while. Now I have a new, fast CPU with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016! I’m enjoying learning about the new features, some by good ole poking around, and some by watching The first video I’m tackling is one on Outlook 2016, since I’d love to create and keep a more organized inbox.

The timing is interesting, because I’m also starting to learn a new job at my library! More on that soon!

ALA Left Behind

There’s a popular hashtag on Twitter, #alaleftbehind, for librarians who aren’t attending ALA Midwinter or Annual. Since the ALA Midwinter Meeting is gearing up, there are a lot of Tweets about the conference, and #alaleftbehind is getting its fair share, as well.

While I’ve attended the last two ALA Midwinter Meetings, I’m staying home (and going to work) this time. I miss going, but I’ve got plenty on my plate near home base. So, I’m enjoying following fellow librarians on Facebook and Twitter, while I have other things going on.

For instance, tomorrow is the third Meetup of the still-in-infancy Triangle Librarians Meetup! We’re going on a tour of the James B. Hunt Library at NC State University. It’s a fairly new library, and is loaded with technology.

One of the fun things I have going on at work is the Get Moving Challenge, sponsored by the employee health office at my work, which starts Monday. It’s a 10-week challenge where employees can track progress in pedometer steps, exercise minutes, and weight loss. Individuals can join teams of up to 11 that compete in any or all three areas. I’m the team captain for this year’s “Bookworms” team of 11 library staff!  Go Bookworms!